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Informatik Student (m/w)

Explore an exciting opportunity to work with a global 3D visionary leader!

Our FARO University Internship / Werkstudent Program is designed to equip students with the tools needed to succeed in the 3D world. You will be part of a cohort of students and work on meaningful projects that will add to your professional portfolio and skills. Internships can often lead to professional roles after graduation.

Our interns use their education and newly gained skills on real projects and are embedded in our teams, working side by side with FARO professionals.

As a Software Intern working according to the Scrum paradigm and developing mainly in C# and C++, you will be provided with a broad understanding of our industry and company.

We develop reverse engineering software for CAD systems in Dresden. Point clouds created from laser scans are interpreted automatically and semi-automatically. Architectural models as well as networks of piping systems and ventilation systems are created. The performance of such algorithms is to be validated with automatic tests. A key role in further automation is to be played in the future by a new process. Our development team is looking for reinforcement by interested students of computer science.

The task is finding all instances of a given rigid CAD model in a point cloud.

A new algorithm is currently being developed for this purpose, which can be easily outlined as follows:

  • 1. detect the geometric primitives (bounded planes, spheres, cylinders...).
  • 1.1. in the point cloud (scene) by RANSAC algorithm and
  • 1.2. in the CAD model
  • 2. formation of graphs in model and scene by identification of relations (neighborhood, intersection angle, distances...)
  • 3. matching of subgraphs from model and scene: where is a part of the model found in a part of the scene?
  • 4. evaluation of solution candidates (good matches)
  • 5. determination of the rigid transformation between model and scene

Programming tasks for a student could be:
- Framework for automatic testing for correctness and speed.
- Detection of edges of RANSAC primitives by generalized alpha shapes.
Our development team is looking for reinforcement in this matter by interested students of computer science. We work according to the Scrum paradigm and develop mainly in C++. Comprehensive training and support by experienced colleagues is a matter of course for us. A derivation and supervision of possible subsequent qualification work (e.g. master thesis) is also possible.

Hiring Preferences:

  • Familiar with C# and / or C++
  • Familiar with Scrum methodology
  • Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or related field at an accredited university
  • Ability to work on-site if needed in our facility in Dresden
  • Our internships are part-time roles with the company and start in March 2021

The FARO internship program should be open-minded and curious about the world, seeking a potential career opportunity at a global company, and anxious to contribute to a challenging and diverse environment.


At FARO, we are committed to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that foster innovation. We believe that we are strongest with a diverse team of employees. We want every FARO employee to feel our commitment to showing respect for all and encouraging open collaboration and communication.

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FARO Europe GmbH Lingwiesenstraße 11/2 70825 Korntal-Münchingen
We would ask all candidates to apply online at our link in the job postings.